Defend your base using attack turrets, each with a different energy cost, and with different damage and firing time, so be careful with your choice.

The enemies change as the waves advance.

When you remove a turret you only recover 1 energy point.

Use the mouse to play, click on the yellow squares to place a turret or remove, buttons 1, 2, 3, 4 select the turret to be placed, have fun.

key p to pause.

Sounds from zapsplash.

Updated 23 days ago
AuthorAlexsander Game Dev
TagsTower Defense


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It's a cool game, but as LoubiTek54 sad it's too easy and at wave with a score of about 35000 the game just stoped spawning new enemies.

This game is cool but sorely lacking in challenge (score: 28885 with all level 4 red turrets)! It's a little too easy I think. Then polish would be interesting.

Thanks for playing my game, I will have to improve the difficulty levels of the game, as it really is too easy.